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YAM Instructors

YAM Instructors should be non-judgemental and allies to all kinds of youth, regardless of their identities and experiences. In YAM we view youth as equals and treat them as such – solidarity and empathy with youth are at the crux of YAM’s pedagogy.

Instructors typically have experience working with youth in groups and should be open to unusual and challenging discussions without passing judgment. Experience working with groups of youth tends to outweigh mental health experience. An interest in mental health is central and experience facilitating and leading role-plays or discussions with youth will help you in becoming a YAM Instructor.

YAM relies on a youth driven approach, and it is vital that the adults selected to implement the programme recognise the significance of this process. YAM offers a non-judgmental atmosphere to explore mental health and relies on the Instructor to help create, model, and maintain a safe space. Instructors should value and treat youth as the real experts on their mental health and make sure that their voices and experiences take centre stage.

YAM instructors should not already be working with the youth in question.

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